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“Wisdom lives in the birth canal. ​It doesn’t come easily. It comes ​through labor. It’s through ​emotional labor, physical labor, ​spiritual labor.

-Brene Brown.



The quiet space transcends the traditional notions of birthing and postpartum environments; it is a state of holistic well-being ​​encompassing the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional realms. It is a haven of minimized stress, a sanctuary where birthing ​​parents navigate the transformative journey of maternity care with balance and confidence. Drawing inspiration from the ​wisdom found ​in the natural world, where other mammals seek environments with as little stress as possible to give birth, my concept as a doula ​​embraces a comprehensive approach. It involves creating a supportive birth partner relationship, meticulous birth and postpartum ​​planning, understanding and confidence in the chosen birthing setting, and a commitment to ongoing education—all aimed at fostering ​​a balanced and empowering experience.



Choosing to birth and navigate your pregnancy throughout the postpartum period from the quiet space is a conscious decision to align ​with the innate wisdom ​inherent in the birthing and postpartum processes. Recognizing that stress and anxiety can impact these ​journeys, my doula approach ​focuses on minimizing these barriers. By adopting a holistic mindset that encompasses emotional, ​physical, and spiritual aspects, ​individuals empower themselves to embrace the labor of birth and the challenges of postpartum as ​transformative processes, ​ultimately achieving the birth experience and postpartum period that they envision. This inclusive childbirth ​doula support is particularly attuned to ​the unique needs of LGBTQ+, deaf, and BIPOC communities, providing a supportive and ​understanding space for all birthing individuals.



Nurturing the quiet space within involves a multifaceted journey towards minimizing stress during birthing and the postpartum period. ​​As a dedicated doula, my program is crafted to guide individuals through this comprehensive process, offering childbirth support, ​personalized education, ​emotional support, and practical tools to cultivate confidence in their birthing and postpartum choices. ​Enlisting my support as your ​doula provides a unique opportunity to navigate this transformative journey with a trusted ally. Through ​the "Birthing in the Quiet ​Space" program, I am committed to leading clients to the quiet space, empowering them to achieve the birth ​and postpartum ​experience they envision. In essence, this program invites individuals to embark on a holistic journey with the ​assurance of ​compassionate and experienced support. Ready to take the first step? Click the link to get a FREE CONSULTATION to the ​"Birthing in the ​Quiet Space" program.

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