Birthing Partner Handout

YOur guide to

partner ​support

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labor day Essentials

what to grab

  • Hospital Bag
  • Phone and Chargers
  • Birth Plan
  • Snacks
  • Nursing Bra
  • Toiletries
  • Comfort Measures:




Packed Bags for Maternity Hospital, Notebooks and Baby Stuff on

before departure

  • Fill the car with gas

  • Arrange care for ​siblings

  • Notify places of work ​of your absences
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Monitor the contractions

4*1*1 Rule

4 min apart, lasting for

1 min each, for at least

1 hour

This indicates the transition into ​Active Labor and is a great time ​to make your way to the hospital

Notice the length of the contractions. Let your ​partner know when they’ve hit the peak and the ​pain should begin to release.

Keep you partner hydrated with water, tea, juice ​or popsicles

"Birth is miraculous however it happens" - Positive Birth Affirmation

the strength in your ​voice

Share the power of positive ​affirmations with your partner. ​Create a supportive atmosphere that ​uplifts their spirit and reinforces the ​resilience they hold within. Your ​words hold love and encouragement.

"Remember the incredible strength ​within you; it's been with you every ​step of this journey."

"Let the depth of your strength rise to ​meet this moment.”

Beyond words

Embrace the power of holding

emotional space for your partner, creating a ​sanctuary where tears are welcomed and ​understood. In these moments,

your silent support speaks volumes,

fostering a deep connection and a

shared strength through

every emotion they experience.

In the intensity of contractions,

especially the crucial moments,

refrain from asking questions,

recognizing that it's too challenging

to make decisions amidst the pain.

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The power of your ​touch

Hold their hand through each contraction, allowing ​them to express the intensity of the moment through ​your shared touch. As the wave subsides, release ​your grip slowly, signaling that the contraction is ​almost over and symbolizing the ebb and flow of ​strength between you.

Observe the subtle cues of tension – the furrowed ​brow, tense shoulders, and clenched fists. In these ​moments, use the tips of your fingers to softly ​smooth away the wrinkles of worry in their brow, ​release the burdens carried in their shoulders with a ​soft touch sweeping from the neck and down the ​shoulders, and gently unclench the fists that bear the ​weight of this journey. This will shift the brain from ​Fight or Flight, telling the body that it is safe.

During the precious moments of rest between ​contractions, let your partners quiet space be your ​cue to offer a soothing hand massage. A gentle touch ​that speaks volumes of love and support, ​encouraging the release of oxytocin.

together in advocacy



Benefits Risks Alternatives Intuition Nothing

As a birth partner, your role extends beyond support to being a pillar of advocacy for your loved one during ​labor. Understanding the intricacies of the labor process, including potential interventions, medical ​inquiries, emergency scenarios, and labor options, is crucial. This knowledge equips you to navigate the ​birthing journey confidently and ensures that your partner's wishes are heard and respected. By being as ​informed as your birthing partner, you can effectively communicate with medical staff, make informed ​decisions together, and provide the unwavering support needed during this transformative experience. ​Remember, your advocacy is a profound expression of your care and commitment, making you an ​indispensable ally in welcoming new life.